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Mean Streets Rule book

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Mean Streets: War in Gang-infested Cities is a simple, fast-play set of wargame rules for fighting gang battles in the city streets of today, the recent past, or 19th century.
It recreates the romanticized look at street gangs from movies like the 1979 cult classic, The Warriors, or West Side Story.
Each player controls a street gang composed of 5-12 figures, with each figure representing one man.
Gangs can be assigned a huge variety of missions to earn victory points while engaging in "rumbles" with rival street gangs.
Mean Streets includes experience point rules for a continuing series of games, and a complete set of campaign rules to allow players' gangs to wage street battles for control of their city.
Extensive scenario design rules and primary and secondary missions assist players in setting up their own games.

A bibliography gives players inspirational books, movies, and blogs to read to help them create their own world, making it as Hollywood or realistic and gritty as they desire.