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  • Chronohounds Frostgrave 28mm Fantasy miniatures Great for Dungeons & Dragons
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Chronohounds Frostgrave

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FGV345 - Chronohounds


The strange creatures known as chronohounds are only rarely seen in the Frozen City as they can move through time the way other creatures can move through the three-dimensional space. Due to this ability, chronohounds are practically immortal, moving to a different point in time if they are ever close to death. Thankfully, they rarely remain in any one time for very long, unless there is some focus point, usually time crystals, that draws them in. Chronohounds resemble large, lean, and hairless hounds. They have long tongues that loll out of their mouths, and they are constantly salivating. Beyond aggressive, they seem to relish violence, and will usually attack strangers on sight… which tends to mean that everyone they meet is a stranger…

Three models per pack. 

28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

These models can also be used in another Osprey Game, Planar Hounds in Dracula's America and Dungeons & Dragons